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Happy Birthday

It's hard to believe but turned 10 years old this month. Ten years, coincidentally, is also how long it has been since the last update — hur-hur.

In ten years the site has gone through many changes. Starting from a handful of scripts, the site has blossomed to host nearly 300. It is impossible to know their reach but it is safe to say scripts from the site have made their way into hundreds of projects and dozens of commercial games. This is incredibly flattering and gratifying. Little makes me happier than helping fellow developers. I'm proud that I can continue to do this day-to-day, through this site and personal interactions within the GameMaker community. But I do not do this alone. Many other GameMaker users have contributed to the site over the years and they have my deepest respect and eternal thanks.

What does the future have in store for the site? This month also marks the official release of GameMaker Studio 2. This is a new product with many important changes to what we are used to. No small part of that is the way GML works. Many built-in functions have changed or been made obsolete and many scripts which relied upon them will have to be updated. In fact, every script will have to be updated because GMS2 requires JSDoc comment blocks to support syntax highlighting in its IDE. Because GM:Studio 1.4 is still very widely used and will continue to be supported by YoYo Games, the site will continue to support it as well. That means maintaining two sets of scripts for the foreseeable future and providing new ways to navigate them. That's not an ideal choice but there is no other. Expect these changes within the next ten years.

Thank you for visiting I hope it continues to be useful for a long time to come.

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