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April 1, 2015Surprisingly Regular Monthly Update for April

Wow, this month has flown by.

Despite my best intentions, I did not get nearly as much done on the site as I would have liked. As expected, I had to devote a fair amount of time to SilverQuest: Gaiden. I also started a new development blog on a bit of a hasty whim. But what was truly unexpected was a rather severe medical emergency that's had me playing the role of a full-time nurse for the last two weeks. I normally avoid talking about family stuff online but, yeah, it's been a big upheaval. Thankfully, things are getting back to normal now.

I managed to get a few things done here. First up is a nice new clutch of code:

OK, most of those scripts are simple and won't exactly knock your socks off. But I think there are a couple of great ones in there.

YellowAfterlife donated the two array scripts. In concert they are incredibly useful. With any luck, they will be made obsolete by some future in-built GM:Studio functionality but until then they are a blessing.

I'm also quite fond of ds_grid_flood_fill(). It's fairly efficient, non-trivial, and has helped me with testing the connectivity of procedurally generated dungeons. Another GM:Studio user has used a variant to automatically add floor tiles to user-drawn levels. I'm curious what other uses it might have.

As far as the site itself goes, not much is new. One big fix is obsolete scripts being removed from script indices and related script groups. They are still on the site to facilitate any old links but they are otherwise invisible.

The other update is the "Recent Changes" section of the landing page. It now only shows scripts modified in the last 30 days.

There are plenty of more scripts to come in the next few weeks. See you then.

Stats for March

Website: 3 commits, 3 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Scripts: 18 commits, 22 files changed, 403 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)

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Recent Changes

Deletes from a grid the column at a given column index.
Deletes from a grid the row at a given row index.
Returns the given array with elements appended to it.
Draws a given sprite sheared by a given amount.
Returns an array populated by given arguments.
Sets a vec4 shader uniform with red, green, blue, and alpha values.
Draws the data of a given grid at a screen location.
Fills a bounded area within a grid with a given value.
Draws a repeated background image, tiled to fill a given region and with a given offset.
Sets a vec4 shader uniform with a color and alpha value.

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