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#1 GML Creations » How did you use any GMLscripts without errors and also works from* » 2012-10-12 12:23:54

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ExpandI used
and I used

for example I used direction_ as 360
and for example I used turn_speed as 14
I named the direction_ and turn_speed variables in the create event myself

I love Data Structures codings on as well.

#2 Off Topic » How much memory can a human brain hold? » 2011-03-07 16:21:48

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I once heard like one million gigabytes (1,000,000 GB ) of memory but is it true that the human brain can hold alot more memory than 1,000,000 GB?

My name is Jason and I am from and live in and was born in North United States of America and I am new here.

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