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#1 Re: Off Topic » A New Member Has Arrived » 2011-04-30 12:52:20

I know right, he really is talented.

#2 Re: Off Topic » A New Member Has Arrived » 2011-04-29 08:40:59

Damizean/Mark The Echidna's 3D Sonic Engine Test

Sonic engine demo (by Damizean and RogueYoshi ) for Game Maker

EggEngine - Early test

Sonic Worlds (Sonic Retro) :

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Hello everyone, my username is kremling and I've been exploring Game Maker for over 4 years now. Sadly, my skills are nothing compared to many impressive programmers I've seen around lately. Such as Damizean and other engine creators. Anyways, I've come to this site to futher enhance my programming skills as well as meet some cool people here. : )

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