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Happy New Year, 200th Script Insanity!

blogicon-20080101.gifHappy New Year! Break out the fireworks! MASSIVE UPDATE!

We've got color manipulation with CMYK functions from Austin and Legolas710. Xot predicts Easter. Pedrosorio gives us exponential random distribution. IceMetalPunk helps us cheat on our homework with factor quadratic. Quimp fills out the stats section with variance, VRM, standard deviation, CV, standard score, dispersion, list max, list min, geometric mean. Austin kicks it old school with ROT13 encryption. ArtySpace always knows what time it is. Keth speaks in tongues thanks to speakable password. Legolas710 s p a c e s   o u t and then sTaGgErS oFf! Deri and EyeGuy pick apart your strings with string_extract, string_parse, string_parse_number, string_parse_single. IceMetalPunk prefers to cuts his strings down to size. Kyle_Solo breaks his into perfect lines with string width wrap. Nathanael McDaniel adds shadows to text. Heads Up! EyeGuy is back with HUD text and HUD sprite. pspmasterPRO's health bar serves sprites. Keth draws a curve while edmunn draws negativity. BenRK got the joystick's button. FalkFlyer, Mark Overmars, and Purple_Flamingo are following each other around. Bob keeps it simple with move to mouse. Paul23 maps resource names to resource ids with these very powerful scripts: map_sprites, map_sounds, map_backgrounds, map_fonts, map_paths, map_timelines, map_objects, map_rooms. Xot sees where your going with that friction and questions what is normal? Grand-High Gamer can save you a folder full of screenshots and Leif902 can copy the whole thing.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's 48 new scripts, blasting us well beyond our 200 script milestone. Great start for the new year. More scripts and news are on the way. Stay tuned!

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