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#1 2008-12-10 08:27:01

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Registrations REOPENED

Automated registrations are open again. I have added a new CAPTCHA system that I believe is not only robust, but is also of genuine social value. It's called reCAPTCHA and you can find it in use all around the internet, and as of this morning, at the GMC as well.

The idea behind reCAPTCHA is that it is not just a humans-only test, it is also being used to help digitize books, newspapers, and manuscripts when traditional OCR fails. Its audio CAPTCHA is being used similarly to generate transcripts of old-time radio shows. This is such an amazing and innovative display of technical synergy neatly solving two very difficult problems that I simply had to go with it. There is one more brilliant feature of reCAPTCHA. If spambots ever do crack the system, a new version can be rolled out remotely to automatically update any site in the world that uses it.

Big thanks go to Erik Ryerson at for creating the patch needed to get reCAPTCHA working with punBB.

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