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#1 2009-05-24 17:48:09

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View ports not drawn in the correct place.

It appears that if a view port extends beyond the dimensions of the screen, the view is not drawn in the correct position. This problem came up in this topic on GMC:

One view shows the room as it would normally appear, the other view shows the room drawn like it is wrapped around a 3D tower (ala Nebulus). A few members complained about not seeing the effect. The second view, which was the version without the effect, was apparently being drawn directly on top of the first view. I confirmed this for myself by removing the background-drawing object. The values of the view settings (eg. view_yport[1]) are not changed, they are simply ignored or overridden.

I've not spent much time examining this yet.

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#2 2009-05-25 11:13:03

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Re: View ports not drawn in the correct place.

Seems very similar to how surfaces screw up view ports  (port-locations are still working, yet it looks as if a d3d_transform_set_translation(-view_xport[V],-view_yport[V],0) is being called)


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