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Game Maker 8 BETA 2 released

blogicon-20090720.gifThat's one small step for games, one giant leap for game makers.

The next beta has been released. As expected, not a lot of new things to note, but the YoYo team and Mark Overmars seem to be hard at work fixing problems. A few changes are listed below, several more relate to the IDE itself. The collision system continues to be tweaked. Features continue to become Pro only. Follow the Changes topic for details and see the full list of changes here.

  • Increased the limit on the number of vertices in drawing 3D primitives for models from 1000 to 32000.

  • Corrected a bug in ignoring z-value for model vertices.

  • Corrected the Outside View and Boundary View events.

  • When the game window looses focus, io events like key presses are now cleared.

  • Game will now run (with warning) when there is no enabled sound card.

  • Less problems with Out of Memory errors when loading and saving games or executables. Unfortunately I had to change the file format for this.

  • Added a variable gamemaker_version. Current value is 800.

  • You can now use high quality icons for your games.

  • Added functions disk_size(drive) and disk_free(drive).

  • Collision mask definition has been changed. Makes it compatible with past and adds bounding box options back in (plus possibility to draw them with mouse).

  • Changed the window caption to first show the name of the game. Also show this correctly in the Task Bar.

Apologies to Neil Armstrong who on this day 40 years ago became the first human to walk on the moon. They came in peace for all mankind.

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