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GML Scripts Gex


I was thinking, have you ever considered a GML Scripts GEX? It would be quite useful to have al the scripts built-in, right?


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Re: GML Scripts Gex

This is something I gave a lot of thought to a couple of years ago. The main issue for me is finding a way to automate it. There have been volunteers in the past, and I've given permission for them to make GEXes for distribution (you might find one if you look around), but I'd rather not have to rely on them for "official" releases. It's a lot of work and something a person could get very tired of doing after a few updates.

The ideal solution would be a utility to import XML and to output a GEX, or some other way to instantly package a script library based on the pages here. That's probably not going to ever happen. However, the intermediate format the extension packager uses to define and save extension projects (*.ged) has been documented by IsmAvatar and Clam. I should be able to generate one of those files automatically. Then I just need to manually load it into the Extension packager and export the GEX. That shouldn't be much work at all once I've built a tool to generate the *.ged file and the *.gml file to support it. From what I recall, automatically generating the documentation file (*.chm) is possible with some available tools and a little programming on my end to supply the necessary data.

Automation will not be trivial, and pages here were not designed with this sort of automation in mind, but it is within the realm of possibility once I get some solid documentation for *.ged files.

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