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blogicon-20110929.gifGameMaker:HTML5 has been unleashed. Finally, GameMaker users will be able to embed their games within web pages. Games should run in any HTML5 capable browser, including mobile devices, with no "plug-in" required.

Beyond this core feature, others have been added or are coming soon including some that have been desired for a very long time such as improved collaboration and physics. There are also some understandable limitations to the games supported by HTML5. At the moment, games requiring DirectX features including 3D, textured primitives, color blending, are not supported (or supported minimally in the case of color blending). WebGL will restore these features in the near future for browsers which support it.

As GM:HTML5 is currently in beta, it has some problems. The YoYo Games crew are working at a furious pace to patch the various bugs as they are reported.

You can read much more about this exciting new version of GameMaker and how it differs from what you may be used to by following the link below.

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