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IGF 2012 - Entries Posted

The entry deadline for the 14th Annual Independent Games Festival has come and gone. A staggering 570 entries are reported. This is a vast increase over last year, and continues an accellerating trend for IGF entries -- entries which generally outshine the efforts of each previous year. A helpful TIGSource member has compiled a list of entries for easier viewing and with links to trailers, if available. I'd normally point out those created with GameMaker, but that seems a daunting task this year.


The game development space has never been better, and IGF offers a tremendously important avenue for exposure, but I begin to wonder how IGF is going to keep up with the sheer volume of entries. Judging has always been a very time consuming matter. I hope these latest games are able to get the critical attention they deserve. In years past, comments from judges have been a valuable asset and important draw for entrants. From a practical time-management perspective, will judges be able to continue to be so generous? Reports by some unhappy entrants in recent years seem to indicate an overall reduction in the quality and usefulness of judge commentary.

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