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#1 2011-12-13 17:25:20

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Is it possible to use humans to enhance computing


It is an amazing concept that turns your world upside down. Using the human mind to perform tasks unconsciously and assemble the result in a useful way that benefits mankind.  Chances are YOU are one part of the super cluster of minds doing useful work and don't even know it!

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Re: Is it possible to use humans to enhance computing

I'm huge fan of reCAPTCHA, which is why I use it here. The Duolingo project sounds even more brilliant. It's something I'd certainly like to participate in (I've signed up to be invited to the private beta).

I'm a big believer in this sort of technology. When he revealed that CAPTCHAs use (read: waste) so much human labor every day, my heart sank. We need people like this man to direct that energy into more useful things. Thanks for this posting eye-opening talk.

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