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How tough is this game to recreate?

Hi guys, I am new to Game Maker. I know very less. There's this game which is very nostalgic for me "Wheels" by Midway. Also Super Speed Race - Taito, same game, check out the above link.

I would love to make this game and at the same time learn the basics of GML.

People who have experience in GML: Could you tell me how hard is it to recreate the game?

I am having issues with
a) Randomly generating cars from above the "room" (I know how to destroy the instance when they scroll down off the screen..
b) Scrolling the room at different speed to simulate the speed.
c) The cars arent scrolling smoothly.
d) How to keep the score?

If this isnt the right forum then could anyone direct me to the right forum?


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Re: How tough is this game to recreate?

I played this game in my youth.  It has a steering, a low and high gear, on the cabinet top, a gaz pedal and a break at the bottom of the cabinet.

Yes you can make this in GM

I think the score is just the distance traveled.

The view system should allow the scrolling you want

About a week's work for a newbie


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Re: How tough is this game to recreate?

Welcome to the forums, suverman. smile

The YoYo Games scrolling shooter tutorial might give you some good insight into how to recreate this game. … ng_Shooter

Also, if you are just starting out with GameMaker and game making, I highly recommend the book "The Game Maker's Apprentice". You can find it used fairly cheap and you may even find it in your local library system like I did. Even Game Maker veterans may be surprised by some of the things they can learn from it.

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