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Script Submission Rules

Script Submission Forum Rules

Before submitting a new script, carefully read the following:

  • DO NOT submit code you did not write yourself. This public submission and review system is in place to help ensure all participants receive proper credit.

  • Please try to adhere to the script style guide before submitting your code. This guide may be updated from time-to-time, so take a moment to review it before submitting new code. When submitting your code, please post it as plain text enclosed within [code] tags. Do not use special BBCode formatting tools. Your code will be automatically highlighted by the forum.

  • By submitting code, you agree to its free distribution in accordance with the collective license. By posting your script in this forum, you agree to allow it to be published in the collection on the main site. Once your code is published, it is free to use by anyone. You still own your code and can do whatever you want with it, but this license cannot be revoked.

  • Published code may be altered or removed at any time. Just as you own your submitted code, those others who contribute to that code own their changes. All contributors will receive credit for their work. However, there is no guarantee that your work will remain part of the collection forever. Some scripts may become so altered that they no longer contain any original code. Some scripts may become obsolete.

If you agree to the above and are ready to submit a script, please start a new topic in this forum.

If you have any questions, post them below.

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Re: Script Submission Rules

I believe that script style guide could be updated smile


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