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#1 2008-04-17 04:57:50

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Extension Maker v1.2 - GM7

The Game Maker 7 Extension Maker seems to ignore any line in a GML file that doesn't ends in a newline character. In other words, the final } curly brace needs to be followed by a newline character (ie. a "blank line"). If you are a heathen who doesn't wrap blocks of code in braces, the same applies to the last line of code.

This behavior is similar to many C compilers, or so I've read. Indeed it appears to be part of the ANSI and ISO/IEC C standards. My assumption is that the Game Maker byte-code compiler is built similarly.

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#2 2008-04-17 14:18:36

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Re: Extension Maker v1.2 - GM7

I remember that little annoyance when using the gcc compiler at school.  Interesting to know that the GM7 extension thingy works the same way.


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