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Recent Game Maker sightings

I've been posting topics regularly in the Community forum of GMC about Game Maker and GMC members sighted in the wild. These sightings are becoming so frequent that posting about them is starting to feel like spam. For lack of a proper blog, I'll start spamming my own forum instead.

Long time and well respected GMC member darthlupi is interviewed this week at An amazing amount of Game Maker and YoYo and community talk, I get the feeling the writer is deeply entrenched within the GMC somewhere. Great interview, very funny (with sexy, snorklerific pic). has also listed 2Dcube's new release Mubbly Tower as one of their Freeware Game Picks. Many Game Maker games have been popping up recently in this regular feature.

There is a nice interview with indie scene up-and-comer cactus over at Gaming World. The prolific cactus has garnered an amazing amount of well deserved press in the last 12 months or so.

There was a preview of cactus' latest game, Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld, plugged by a few days ago. Looks very interesting, as usual.

The Sewer Goblet from Tales of Game is another Game Maker creation recently selected as an Freeware Game Pick, as well as getting a blurb the very popular gamer blog Kotaku. It's a basically a twisted, hip-hopped-up Roguelike, although it lacks procedural content which I feel is a very important feature for a true RL.

And yet another Freeware Game Pick from is Hello Panda from GPTouch which looks to be a rather original, if silly, "shmup" (a term I think I detest).

And still another with Alexitrón's The Power, a striking vector-styled platformer.

DarkSirrusGames' upcoming Crimson Star was recently previewed by This is one of the nicest looking GM games I've yet seen, although it is still in the very early stages of development.

And finally, Game Maker once again rears its ugly head in The Escapist. I've posted about Game Design Sketchbook helmsman Jason Rohrer joining the Game Maker flock a couple of times already. His articles are always thought provoking, and this month is no exception. For his latest experiment he takes the University of Florida's infamous "" incident as inspiration for his game sketch "Police Brutality".

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