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anim_rotate - Paper Mario Rotate Animation

This script is the isometric equivalent to Paper Mario animations. If you want a true Paper Mario rotate animation you will just need to change the top right, and bottom left corners that way on a platformer 2D plane the players front side will expand.

Video: … b91f86.mp4

[NOTE]: This may not work as intended when your texture pages are set to automatic cropping.

To effectively use this script, the calling instance must call it every frame, once the direction variable has been changed. So on the first frame you are looking left, the animation should be called, the player will still be facing right, when the animation finishes you can use the returned true as a reference to flip the player's image_xscale.


/* This script is used to animate the sprite rotation mimicing
     the paper mario style with out the need for seperate arm
     or leg sprites
   Make sure to account for player direction as the sprite will
     rotate in different styles based on the direction it rotated
     to, for instance when the player walks right, then up, then
     left. the front side (right) of the sprite will shrink at 
     it rotates to give the illusion it is further away from the 
   Returns: Bool (True when animation is finished, False for any other state)


returned = false

if !variable_instance_exists(, "anim_rotate_start") {anim_rotate_start = true}

//set the animation variables
if (anim_rotate_start)
  anim_time = floor(room_speed*0.25)
  anim_timer = anim_time
  anim_flip_frame = floor(anim_time*0.5)
  //anim_ideal_delta_time = 1/room_speed * 1000000; //typically 33333 or 16666
  anim_travel_dis = sprite_width/anim_time
  pi_time = pi / anim_time
  //this variable is used to keep track of the last view we did. 9 is a view which doesnt exist so it will think it's a new frame
  view_loop = 9
  //if turning prefered up  
  if (direction > 0) && (direction < 180) {anim_face_dir = -1}
  //if turning prefered down or instant turn
  if (direction = 0) || ((direction < 360) && (direction >= 180)) {anim_face_dir = 1}
  //if turning left
  if (direction > 90) && (direction < 270) {anim_rotate_dir = -1}
  //if turning right
  if (direction < 90) || (direction > 270) {anim_rotate_dir = 1}
  //anim_rotate_dir = sign(image_xscale)
  max_y_multiplier = abs(sprite_height)*0.2 //20 percent of the height
  anim_rotate_start = false

var lag = delta_time * room_speed * 0.000001

/// tris will multiply variables by 1 or -1 fepending on the flip
var flip_multiplier = sign(anim_timer - anim_flip_frame)

// the x distance the flip needs to travel, acounting delta time
var trav_dis = anim_travel_dis * lag

/// a negative number means we were right, and we're turning left
var trav_dis_x = cos(anim_timer * pi_time) * (sprite_width/2) - abs(sprite_width/2)*anim_rotate_dir

// how much we skew the y for either the front of back of the player
var y_miltiplier = cos((anim_timer-anim_flip_frame)  * pi_time)*max_y_multiplier

                //top left
                //top right
                //bottom right
                //bottom left

//this will keep track of the view ports we've iterated through, that way we never count down the anim timer more then once each frame
if (view_current < view_loop){
  view_loop = view_current
  anim_timer -= 1*lag
}else if (view_current > view_loop){
  view_loop = view_current

if (anim_timer <= 0)
  returned = true
  anim_rotate_start = true

return returned

[EDIT] There were an absolute ton of errors in the code, updated to the new system. It also now supports image scale flipping. Although you should set the flip after this script returns true.

[EDIT 2] It's amazing this code works at all from how I wrote it, I'm rewriting the system now to vastly improve this. I have no idea why I have unused variables, and why some of the math is done the way i did it. I guess I was just excited to have this finished.

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