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November 1, 2018Massive Update - 3.5

blogicon-20181101.gifI've just uploaded a massive update to the inner workings of the site. With any luck, you will not notice any major changes (ie. broken stuff). Hopefully the site is easier to read, a little nicer looking, and it should load a bit quicker.

The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have been completely overhauled and streamlined. Heavy dependencies have been eliminated and minor ones have been consolidated. Server software has been updated across the board.

In all, since the last update, Git tells me:
134 files changed, 5364 insertions(+), 1761 deletions(-)

This has been a big job and it is good to be finishing it. It also means that a new big job is ahead of me: updating all scripts on the site to GameMaker Studio 2 standards.

Onward and upward!

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