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#41 2013-11-12 15:32:19

From: France
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Re: Introductions

xot wrote:

Welcome to the forums, NervaL928. I look forward to seeing any submissions from you. I saw your comment on the sprite_replace_color script and have replied.

I don't know if we have any other French or French-speaking members. The forums don't see a lot of activity, to be honest.

Thanks smile
This forum should be more frequented !

xot wrote:

Do you make cool stuff with redstone?

I'm trying as I can smile
I make adventure maps (for now, none are released, but soon biggrin)

icuurd12b42 wrote:

Salut Nerval. I'm French too but not from France.

Salut smile Ravi de savoir que je ne suis plus seul !



#42 2015-12-07 13:35:15

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Re: Introductions

Hello my name is Haneko and I'm a budding programmer in game design.

I am currently working on a monster trainer rpg and I need some help getting the kind of scripts I need done.

mostly for a map engine. can you guys help me with understanding the code as Im completely new to gml.

this place isn't for complete beginners.... I don't even know how to code correctly for what I want... TT_TT.
might as well try to do it the hard way...sorry for the trouble.

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