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#1 GML Reference » Good tutorials ??? » 2012-06-05 14:27:10

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I'm an experienced programmer, but NEW to Game Maker and it's unique methods.

I have several game ideas that I want to create and I'm looking for some decent tutorials
as to game actions, scoring, lives, and placing solid objects for characters to avoid or jump on.

#2 Re: Script News & Announcements » GameMaker:Studio Launched! » 2012-06-05 14:11:24

Thank you for that informative post..

I appreciate all your help, and I also want to thank you for this website, especially the GML documentation. I've had alot of trouble finding decent reference material and documentation for the GML scripting language.

As for the MAC iOS, I'm one of those old school minded programmers who looks at Apple as "THE" poster child for  greedy corporate control.

At this point, Apple just wants to take profits from EVERYTHING anyone wants to use Apple products for.

I plan on avoiding Apple iOS until I make my game where Apple is the evil villain.

#3 Re: Script News & Announcements » GameMaker:Studio Launched! » 2012-05-29 12:48:17

I need more information about the GameMaker:Studio release.. I currently own Gamemaker 8.1 and I have downloaded the Beta version of GameMaker:Studio.. My goal is to release my games on Android and iPhone/iPod/iPad..

I am confused about when it will be officially released, how much it will cost for the Android/iOS modules..
I have also found several bugs with the Beta version and I am worried about putting too much time into any game
within the Beta for fear that I may wind up starting over when they release the full version.

Any help???

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