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#1 2009-07-03 16:59:55

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collision event - 2 way collision events gets executed doubly

Brief Description:            collision event - 2 way collision events get executed doubly
GM Versions:                   GM6, GM7
References:                     [1]
Example File:                   Dual Collisions.gmk
Bug Confirmed:                Yes
Hardware Dependent:     No

Main Info:

Say you have 2 objects, object1 and object2. If you put a collision event with object2 in object1 and then a collision event with object1 in object2 then this bug occurs. The bug makes both the collision events execute twice so there is a total of 4 collision events executing. The bug only occurs when you set-up a 2-way collision system, this also includes having a collision event with yourself.


Pretty much just don't use the collision event if this is required. Use place_meeting in the step event instead.

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