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#1 2011-09-29 06:28:42

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How reliable is gml multiplayer over tcp/ip ?

I need little assurance that these works. Big project comin and need to choose the way to make it.

if u got experience with tcp/ip multiplaying with these scripts, or external aids,
did u have problems,  transfered also big amounts of data?  could play long time.
how many players ?  2 ?  10 ?


#2 2011-09-29 09:24:30

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Re: How reliable is gml multiplayer over tcp/ip ?

Welcome to the forums DRiVER.

At present GML uses DirectX DirectPlay (mplay in GML parlance) for its multiplayer netcode. Unfortunately, DirectPlay was deprecated from DirectX several years ago, and current versions of DirectX do not support it completely or at all. Because of this it can not be considered reliable.

Most people seem to use 39DLL or one of its variants for their netcode.

39DLL (original Windows version) -
Net39 (updated Windows version) -
39dylib (Mac OSX / Unix version) -

YoYo Games has said they are going to address this netcode shortcoming in the near future, but no timeline has been given.

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