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#1 2014-03-08 15:49:51

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how to make my character move (top down...NOOB question)

I want the arrows on the bottom right of my screen to make my character move FRONT (right), UP and DOWN. It will also be able to only TURN back but not move back. I have made a sprite for running and a sprite for idle standing (makes my character look like it is breathing). Upon moving front, I want the background to move ahead. Please help me. I really want this to work.


#2 2014-03-09 10:18:21

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Re: how to make my character move (top down...NOOB question)

This could be a big question depending on your skill level. There is not really enough information to give you an answer. If you are just getting started with GM, I recommend watching Shaun Spalding's tutorials on YouTube.

There are a lot more tutorials on the GMC as well.

I'm certain you can find some tutorials or examples on using views to follow your object and make the background scroll. There should be others for basic movement and sprite handling. I'd trying to get what you want working with the keyboard first, then add the on-screen controls later.

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