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A Study on Computational Geometry

Download here (5mb, .exe + .gmz), imgur album here.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the very first edition of Mr. Julian Adams' much lauded work

A Study on Computational Geometry

Herein lies novel scripts of a high calibre indeed, with examples of their useful application. There are not less than four major developments in the field that Mr. Adams presents to you to-day:

1. The nearest point on a path to the mouse cursor;

2. A method for smoothing paths that's better than GameMaker's default, utilising Catmull-Rom splines;

3. An implementation of the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm for polygon simplification;

4. Image tracing, to form a closed path from a sprite or other art asset.

And what price does Mr. Adams charge for this extra-ordinary and unparalleled workmanship?

Why, my good fellow, not a single penny! These programming tidbits are being given away in a gesture of kindness, good-will, and a dedication to the GM community.

Though Mr. Adams would very much appreciate it if you follow him on Twitter to further expand his plans for imperial conquest. @jujuadams

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