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Minor and Future Updates

blogicon-20180701.gifThe site is currently undergoing some minor updates. You may have noticed larger text and larger header navigation links and a lack of my first love, Verdana. She had a good run but isn't ideal for larger, higher resolution displays. Other changes are nigh invisible and more are coming to modernize the site. A much larger overhaul is on the horizon.

A more significant update is the addition of a "copy" button next to scripts. This new feature should copy the entire script into the text clipboard without any tedious mousing around. This is something I've wanted since the start but back in those days it was only possible using a Flash widget or was rarely supported in JavaScript by a few browsers. Eventually, as the web became more standardized, JavaScript methods were removed due to security concerns. That left Flash as the only option which was more than I was willing to accept. In the last couple of years, I've learned, JavaScript clipboard functionality has started to creep back into most browsers, so I finally put the feature in. It's a little bit wonky behind the scenes but it works.

Finally, scripts are going to start supporting GameMaker Studio 2 better. This means JSDoc headers broadly but there are a few scripts that aren't compatible with GMS2 because of changes in function names or changes in the engine. I still need to work out how to deal with those while keeping GMS1 compatible scripts available. GameMaker: Studio 1.x has been sunsetted but a lot of people still use it. I have already explored options, going back to the introduction of GM:Studio, but none of them are all that appealing.

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