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#1 2020-09-08 16:29:25

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GMS 2.3.1 compatibility ?

Hi @xot, are you planning to update website, so people can choose between displaying scripts in 2.3 format (by default; function + JSDOC) and "legacy" (GM8 - 2.2.x) as alternative (maybe using tabs ?).


#2 2020-09-13 15:40:28

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Re: GMS 2.3.1 compatibility ?

Well, the site and script repo will definitely be transitioning to take advantage of 2.x features like JSDoc. Some of the scripts have been updated but not pushed to the site/repo. Anticipating the new function definitions and JSDoc changes, I was waiting for 2.3 to come out of beta first, which it has now, but the switchover may not happen before 2.3.1. It's a lot of extra labor to maintain multiple sets of scripts. I'm considering the possibility of dynamically converting 2.3-style functions to 2.2-style scripts using code generation but I expect it will be somewhat imperfect.

Since 2.3 has been pushed into the main release channel (despite the huge impact it has on 2.2 projects), I'm not sure 2.2 support makes sense now. It appears it will remain possible to use 2.2 along side 2.3 if one continues to use the 2.3 beta install. YoYo has done a poor job of communicating this, contradicting themselves in places. First they say 2.3 beta should not be used anymore, elsewhere they say the 2.3 beta will continue to receive updates. Other ways of running 2.2 and 2.3 side-by-side (ie. in separate installation directories or by using retail and Steam installations), are doomed to fail because they all share the same configuration data. I'm hoping YoYo will make their intentions more clear soon, so I can make more informed decisions.

Regarding legacy support, when GM:Studio 1 came out I thought it would be nice to have a way to switch between GM versions. It does complicate things significantly and does not easily fit the way pages are currently generated. In the last two years my desire to continue to support any legacy versions of GameMaker (including GMS1) has all but vanished. Something with the last few updates of GMS1 has made it run very poorly on my machine. The interface has become so unresponsive it is a burden to do anything with it.

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