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March 19, 2014Big News from GDC 2014

http://www.gmlscripts.com/images/_mGM_sony.gifOK, this a pretty big one-two punch from the good folks at YoYo Games.

The huge, huge news that was announced at GDC today is GameMaker: Studio on Sony PlayStation. New export modules will soon be available for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita delivery. As some have already seen, a number of GM games have made their way onto Sony already. To date, according to YoYo Games head of development Mike Dailly, all of these games have been expensive ports to other frameworks. Starting in the next few weeks, getting on Sony will be a whole lot easier. To prove it, YoYo Games is demonstrating 19 well-known games running on Sony platforms at their GDC booth right now. And it won't just be easy it will be free. Sony and YoYo Games are partnering to provide free export modules to any licensed Sony developer. YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan says Sony are "big fans of GameMaker" and indicates it was the proliferation of GameMaker games on their platforms that fostered this partnership. Sony are taking indie development very seriously this generation and seem to be doing everything they can to make their platforms as accessible as possible. These are exciting times to be an indie developer and GameMaker: Studio user. Who knows what the future holds for Microsoft and Nintendo platforms? When asked about these possibilities, Duncan's response was interrupted by the sighting of nearby squirrels.

In other news, GameMaker: Studio v1.3 beta was released a few days ago. This is a significant upgrade from v1.2. Many of its new features have been available to those participating in YoYo Game's recently launched early access program. Among the changes and additions are:

  • a revamped IAP system
  • native code extensions for iOS, Android, and Mac
  • push notifications for iOS, Android, and Tizen (and Windows later)
  • a powerful new debugger
  • improved handling of aspect ratios across devices
  • the application_surface which acts a dynamic back buffer target for all drawing / view compositing
  • new terse operators for accessing data structures
  • SWF and Spine support.

Check out the YoYo Games Tech Blog for more information.

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