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February 1, 2015Irregular Monthly Update for February

blogicon-20150201.gifOK, so it's been a month since the relaunch. Things look about the same but an awful lot has been going on behind the scenes.

Lots and lots of little tweaks to the site and forum. Mostly visual and semantic. I've also added a couple of forum mods, such as BBCode buttons to assist in posting and some more video posting options. I still need to test a few things but things seem to be working well. I've also updated many news posts with fresh images to match the site. But you don't care about that stuff.

On the script end, I've done a huge amount of labor that is almost completely invisible. But it's laid some necessary groundwork to improve script documentation, including examples and live demos. Over the next couple of months I hope to have fully documented most existing scripts and added many new ones.

To help manage all of the changes, I'm using Git to maintain source files for the site and for the scripts. Diving into Git is the smartest thing I've done in a long time. It's making updates so much saner and has saved my butt more than once. It's also made me panic more than once because I'm still a noob.

I'm also tracking tasks with Trello, which is proving to be helpful, while making the true scope of things terrifying. I have well over 600 tasks and expect to add another 200 or so during the next couple of weeks.

Stats for January

Website: 103 commits, 409 files changed, 4025 insertions(+), 4982 deletions(-)

Scripts: 74 commits, 254 files changed, 2895 insertions(+), 149 deletions(-)

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Draws a repeated background image, tiled to fill a given region and with a given offset.
Draws a repeated sprite image, tiled to fill a given region and with a given offset.
Draws a repeated sprite image, tiled to fill a given region and with a given offset.
Replaces one color in a given sprite with another.
Draws a repeated background image, tiled to fill a given region and with a given offset.
Returns a given string as expressed by the Nato phonetic alphabet.
Saves a successively numbered screenshot within the working directory.
Returns a pseudo-random number with an exact Gaussian distribution.
Returns the sum of a number of die rolls using dice with a given number of sides.
Returns a random number with exponential distribution.
Returns the factorial of a given number.
Draws a sprite with inverted colors.
Draws a sprite with inverted colors.
Returns the largest unsigned integer that can be stored in a given number of words of a given size.
Returns the smallest number of words of a given size that can be used to store a given value.

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