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July 1, 2015Monthly Update for July

Somewhat slow month here in contrast with a lot going on in the corporeal realm. Abnormal is the new normal.

No changes to the site itself except one very minor cosmetic tweak. I'd hoped to implement a new caching system this past month but I didn't have the time.

However, some lovely people donated some new scripts, including a handful from RaniSputnik via our second Git pull request. Thanks to him, veteran iFredQC, and newcomer GameGoblin. Additional thanks to Threef who submitted some scripts currently under review.

  • ds_map_clone — Clones a map simply to a new copy and returns the created map.

  • ds_map_deep_clone — Clones a map deeply to a new copy, cloning any nested maps and lists, and returning the created root map.

  • ds_map_default_value — Returns the value of a key from a given map, inserting a default value into the map if the key does not yet exist.

  • instance_nearest_notme — Returns the nearest instance to a given point, disregarding the calling instance.

  • instance_singleton — Returns a single instance of the given object, creating one if no instance exists.

  • cone_volume — Returns the volume of a cone of a given radius and height.

  • sphere_volume — Returns the volume of a sphere of a given radius.

  • triangle_side_area — Returns the area of triangle given the length of three sides.

Stats from June

Website: 1 commit, 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

Scripts: 17 commits, 17 files changed, 238 insertions(+)

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