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March 1, 2015Irregular Monthly Update for March

Another four weeks and a lot of progress. Not as much as I'd hoped but doing well.

On the site side of things, most of the changes have been minor tweaks, both visual and semantic. The only major new feature is a system for identifying recently changed scripts. Any script changed or added in the last 30 days will display an icon (currently a lightning bolt). Along with this, I've added a section to the landing page which displays the most recently updated scripts.

As far as the scripts themselves go, I think all remaining scripts have been ported to GM:Studio. More documentation and demonstrations have been added and there will be much more to come. Some optimizations and bug fixes have made it into the mix as well.

Some new scripts which have been added include:

  • draw_sprite_halfpixel - Draws a sprite transformed about the center of its origin pixel instead of the top-left corner.

  • ds_grid_draw - Draws the data of a given grid at a screen location.

  • ds_grid_filter_gaussian - Performs a Gaussian convolution on a given grid.

  • ds_grid_filter_gaussian_wrap - Performs a Gaussian convolution on a given grid, wrapping around the boundaries of the grid if needed.

  • ds_grid_get_bicubic - Returns the bicubic interpolation of the sixteen grid cells surrounding the given fractional coordinate.

  • ds_grid_get_bilinear - Returns the bilinear interpolation of the four grid cells surrounding a given fractional coordinate.

  • string_nato - Returns a given string as expressed by the Nato phonetic alphabet.

There are many more new scripts in the pipe.

I wish I had been able to do more but recent events have taken focus off of the site.

I'm now lead engineer on SilverQuest: Gaiden, a game in Steam Early Access. I've been working full-tilt to get up to speed with the vast amount of code that's been dropped into my lap. It's a bit like reverse engineering, figuring out how things work, which is something that greatly appeals to me. But, it's also been a monumental chore cleaning up code so that I can more easily understand and manage it. As I write this, almost all of the legacy code is now formatted to my liking but there is still much to learn about the way this game does things. In the long view, I can see a lot of refactoring will need to be done to improve performance and facilitate more features and more robust modding.

In another week, once a few more bugs have been squashed and a new update has been pushed onto Steam, I should be able to make more time for the site.

Stats for February

Website: 25 commits, 17 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 2214 deletions(-)

Scripts: 125 commits, 111 files changed, 1379 insertions(+), 212 deletions(-)

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Returns the given array with elements appended to it.
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Draws a given sprite sheared by a given amount.
Sets a vec4 shader uniform with red, green, blue, and alpha values.
Draws the data of a given grid at a screen location.
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